Emmanouil Potetsianakis

PhD Candidate of Paris-Saclay Doctoral School @ the Multimedia Group of Telecom ParisTech


In Peer-Reviewed Conferences

Emmanouil Potetsianakis and Jean Le Feuvre, “SWAPUGC: Software for Adaptive Playback of Geotagged UGC“, MMSys’18: 9th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference, June 12–15, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands. [Paper][Poster][Repository]

E. Potetsianakis and J. Le Feuvre, “Buffer Management for Synchronous and Low-Latency Playback of Multi-Stream User-Generated Content”, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval, Miami, FL, USA, April 2018. [Paper][Repository]

Emmanouil Potetsianakis “Streaming And Presentation Architectures For Extended Video Streams”. TVX D.C. 14 June 2017. [Short-Paper][Poster]

Emmanouil Potetsianakis, Jean Le Feuvre and Cyril Concolato “Extended Video Streams for Spatiotemporal Navigation”. The Graphical Web 2016, 1-4 Nov. 2016 [Slides][Video][Repository]

Potetsianakis, E.; Le Feuvre, J. “Streaming of Kinect Data for Interactive In-Browser Audio Performances”. Proceedings of the 11th Audio Mostly Conference. ACM, 2016. [Short-Paper][Poster]

Cyril Concolato and Emmanouil Potetsianakis “Packaging Web Graphics and Media for Easier Internet Delivery”. The Graphical Web 2015, 23-26 Sept. 2015

Concolato, Cyril and Le Feuvre, Jean and Potetsianakis, Emmanouil “Synchronized Delivery of 3D Scenes with Audio and Video”. Proceedings of the 20th International ACM Conference on 3D Web Technology (Web3D ‘15), 19-21 June 2015 [Paper][Video]

Cyril Concolato and Emmanouil Potetsianakis “In-Browser XML Document Streaming” XMLPrague 2015, pp.197-205, 13-15 Feb. 2015 [Paper][Video]

Emmanouil Potetsianakis and George Triantafyllidis and Emmanouil Ksylakis “A Kinect-Based Framework For Better User Experience in Real-Time Audiovisual Content Manipulation” Telecommunications and Multimedia (TEMU 2014), IEEE 2014 International Conference on, pp.238,242, 28-30 Jul. 2014 [Paper]

Romaniello, G.; Potetsianakis, E.; Alphand, O.; Guizzetti, R.; Duda, A, “Fast and Energy-Efficient Topology Construction in Multi-Hop Multi-Channel 802.15.4 Networks,” Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob), 2013 IEEE 9th International Conference on, vol., no., pp.382,387, 7-9 Oct. 2013 [Paper]


Jean Le Feuvre, V.T. Trung Niguyen, E. Potetsianakis “Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband” MPEG Standardization Meeting (MPEG 110 – Strasbourg), 20-24 Oct. 2014 [Hybrid Timeshift Poster][Hybrid Multiview Poster]

Emmanouil Potetsianakis “Fast and Energy-Efficient Topology Construction in Multi-Hop Multi-Channel 802.15.4 Networks”, Grenoble INP, 11 June 2013 [Master Thesis]

Emmanouil Potetsianakis and Ioannis Deligiannis “Creating a 3D Environment (Game) Controlled by EEG (using Neurosky’s Mindset)“, UMontreal, 25 June 2012 [Project Report][DemoVideo]

Emmanouil Potetsianakis “Development of an Interactive Platform For 3D Image-to-Sound Mapping (using Kinect)”, TEI Crete, 30 August 2012 [Diploma Thesis – in Greek]

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