Emmanouil Potetsianakis

PhD Candidate of Paris-Saclay Doctoral School @ the Multimedia Group of Telecom ParisTech


This is yet-another academic vanity page; this time for (and by) Emmanouil Potetsianakis.

Since 2013, I am an R&D Engineer (and since 2015 pursuing a PhD), at the Multimedia Group of Telecom ParisTech graduate engineering school.

My main software development activities are were tight to the GPAC open source multimedia platform.

My current research areas of interest are: Multimedia (Systems and Applications), User Experience, Web Technologies

I have also previously worked on projects focused on: Distributed Systems, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Sensor Networks

For a more “formal” insight to my work, you can find a somewhat complete list of my publications here, at researchgate, or at google scholar . Otherwise, you can find my contact details here.

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