Emmanouil Potetsianakis

PhD Candidate of Paris-Saclay Doctoral School @ the Multimedia Group of Telecom ParisTech

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out of respect of your privacy this site does not use google analytics, or any other google / facebook / traffic-monitoring service

Some (mostly geeky) projects that imo everyone (including non-geeks) should know about: The Internet Archive, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), The Tor Project (Tor), La Quadrature Du Net, Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF), Wikimedia Commons, Project Gutenberg,

My Erdös number is at most 4  (Paul Erdős — Peter Winkler — Kin K. Leung — Andrzej Duda — Emmanouil Potetsianakis)

I also have a tumblr account (containing mixtapes)

I believe that research should be accessible to everyone – regardless of status / affiliation / location; thus, even though I do not use, I like the idea of projects like sci-hub and booksc.

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